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September 13, 2007



Now that's something I know about. I even made a project in highschool about Watergate!
My TT shares 13 things to do or see in my hometown Velsen / IJmuiden in The Netherlands.

Mark Caldwell

As political scandals of the 20th Century go there are few as big and it has the added bonus of leading to one of the best West Wing openings when Oliver Babish has the tape recorder that won't stop recording...


Once again, I learned something at your weekly T13 post. I still can't believe we finally learned about deep throat first in 2005!


Even after all that has been written, I was still unclear about who some of those people were. I remember when Nixon resigned. I was in Canada. The whole room cheered when the news was announced.


Since I was a little kid when Watergate happened, I don't remember all of the details. What I do remember is that I would always get mad when the networks would interrupt regularly scheduled programming to report on Watergate. Later on, I do recall learning about CREEP in a U.S. Politics and Government class.

The Nononsense

Like every week, soo educating!!!


Speaking of Watergate, I'm going to be reading All the President's Men soon. LOL. Happy TT.

nap warden

Surprisingly enough, I knew alot of that. Thanks public high school. I don't feel stoopid;) Great list as usual!

Jenny McB

So we are more suspicious of executive secrecy? A lot of good that has done for us lately.


Man...thats some great info. I feel very History illiterate...(man I hope I spelled that right!) lol...Happy TT.


great and educational TT as we have came to expect.

Carolan Ivey

I always enjoy your TTs. :) As I was reading this one I couldn't help but think the current administration sure has taken more than a few pages from Nixon's playbook...


Thank you very much for that. I was always aware of The Watergate Scandal (but by name only) you just gave me a history lesson in less than five minutes and much better than any teacher ever tried.


I remember living thru Watergate and Nixon's resignation when I was younger. And it scared the crap out of me -- to the point that I learned not trust politicians in the least. Bill Clinton was the first one I sort of started to trust again....and look how well that turned out!!
Great TT as always!

Thomma Lyn

That's an excellent summary of the Watergate Scandal! As always, thank you for a fascinating and educational TT!

Happy Thursday Thirteening, and thanks for visiting mine. :)

Joy T.

I LOVE coming over here for TT! Always so informative and interesting.

Dallas Meow

I knew nothing 'cept what I learned from the movie Dick.


Nice going, my brilliant colleague; you have summed up a huge scandal that went on for years in a nutshell. I am so stumbling THIS.


I can't be the only for whom this week's lesson rang with eerie current context familiarity. But that's all I'll say.

Thanks! This is always among my favorite stops. :)


Michelle B

This is a very interesting piece of history (and one I don't think about often!) Thanks for sharing!

mom not mum

Great list - I find it funny that after watergate we have labeled many other scandals with "gate" at the end. My nephew did a report on Nixon for school a few years ago - we all learned a lot helping him.

Robin from Israel

You left off the most important thing - they preempted SESAME STREET (!!!) for the "men in suits" as I called it as a child (the hearings)! I've never gotten over it.


So much we forget over the years thanks for the refresher course.

Judy Callarman

I had a three-year-old and a 9-month-old baby at the time of Watergate. I remembering that I often sat there listening to the broadcasts, amazed. I left a lot of housekeeping undone to keep up with it.

It's a good thing John Dean decided to tell everything--Nixon really damaged the American trust in the Presidency, for all time, I guess.

Hootin' Anni, this makes one so upset! I do detest the 'executive privilege'....with any president!!! That sucks.

*breathe deep Anni*---"It'll be okay, soon.

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