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September 18, 2007


Ernie Shelton

I saw this story earlier today. While I do go to truthout, I was not a subscriber. So I set up a Hotmail account, subscribed to truthout's newsletter, and immediately received the confirmation email from truthout. No blockage whatsoever.

In reading the comments from readers, there were claims that even emails that had the phrase "" somewhere in the mail -- for example, I send you a mail and say "please read this article from" -- were also being blocked. I tested this as well several times from several email accounts, both sending to and receiving from the new Hotmail account. It worked perfectly fine every time.

I even clicked on the "email this story link" in a truthout story and sent it to the hotmail account. This, of course, worked fine as well.

Truthout's credibility took a serious hit last year with Jason Leopold's reporting on Karl Rove. It seems they are about to take another. As someone who has seen the Microsoft legal team from the inside, I'd hate to think what they'll do to Marc Ash and if these claims aren't removed and an apology issued.

Damozel, Administrator

As I expressed in my note (see above link), I PERSONALLY don't find the censorship argument persuasive, though---if I did believe it---I might infer from your experience that they'd simply fixed the problem.

There's a lesson here, and it relates more to customer service than to censorship, according to me. If people complain they're not getting their emails, send them their damn emails; if the spam filters are blocking one organization's email, make it stop.

PBS Mind is a model of integrity. If she says she wasn't getting her emails, she wasn't getting her emails. She emailed the Crux a week before about the "blockage" and she emailed hotmail itself before posting her note.

I don't know for certain WHY she didn't get her emails. I've given my opinion and she's given hers---and now we have yours as well.

As for Truthout: If organizations can't raise these concerns without fear of being sued, what happens in the situations where they happen to be right?

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