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September 18, 2007



Unlike WMD, I wasn't present at the event. Like WMD, I don't find it possible to determine---or to comment on---what happened between the student and the police once they began were removing him from the room. It's certainly not clear from the video.

As for the student's conduct prior to that point, I've heard a range of opinion on that score. Given the nature of the event (a political discussion) was he sufficiently out of order /disruptive to deserve to be escorted from the room? WMD thinks yes; others may hold other views.

I WOULD argue that the video does seem to show that Senator Kerry--whom I should note I like well enough but perhaps not as much as WMD---was in no way involved in the decision to remove him from the room. I'm sorry to see the way some people who don't care for his views have rushed to blame him for what occurred.

The BN-Politics posting linked above has been updated to include his remarks as well as those of the president of the University.


The question is, "...Was he sufficiently out of order/disruptive to deserve to be escorted from the room"?
Absolutely and all the videos and first hand accounts confirm this.

Had he simply asked his question and allowed the Senator to answer that would have been the end of it.

The blame directed at him has nothing to do with his political views and everything with how he conducted himself.

His behavior was such that causing a disruption and garnering the full attention of anyone with a camera was his main goal.

Is this why he gave a friend his video camera and asked her to record him just before he took the mike? Was his purpose all along to post it on YouTube for his 15 mintues of internet fame?

If so, I have to admit, he succeeded beyond his wildest dreams.

The Gainesville Sun had an article today titled, "Police: Meyer a lot calmer with the camera off" ( )
It's worth a read.

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