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September 19, 2007


Gail Martin

Great list. You have the ability to get a person thinking.

Happy TT!

J. Lynne

What great quotes! It's true that censorship only leads to more mistrust and paranoia and thus more censorship. It's incredibly self-destructive. Remember, that three people can keep a secret but only if 2 of them are dead.


Great compilation of quotes. Happy TT!

Angela Klocke

I enjoyed the list - nice in the middle of a fluff day.


This is quite a thought-provoking site! I always feel like I need to do my homework when I start reading these posts!

Great job!

Mark Caldwell

Robert A Heinlein's politics don't always come close to matching my politics but he wrote a lot of good stuff on censorship and secrecy. My favourite is from it goes on and is too long to reproduce but heres a snappier one...

"Secrecy is the beginning of tyranny."

Moondancer Drake

I love these quotes. Thanks for going though all the trouble of putting this together. I think #2 is my fav.


Those are great quotes. Censorship is truly a roadblock to truth. Number 12 was as true of the days when people thought the earth was round to the things that are thought and thought to be true now. Good TT. Thanks for visiting my TT.


I love latin quotes! :-) Great list! mine are up now too! :-) better late than never! :-)

Adrian Drake

Amazing list! Bravo!


Oh my #12 is so appropriate for the times we live in.

Crazy Working Mom

Wow, what a great list! :)
Thanks so much for stopping by this week.


Great quotes! Still so true too...
Thanks for visiting my Mabon TT!


I really like # 9 and # 12!!
But I'm sad... Where are we, your fellow Canadians?? Not a mention about our political figures!!
Sorry for being so late!!

Linda R. Moore

Truly excellent, as always.

Do you visit all the TTs? I see you posting a lot--how do you do it?

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