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September 11, 2007



I personally believe no good can come from disparaging our millitary officers. We can only hope that someone like General Patreaus will accurately report what is happening on the ground as opposed to simply reflecting the views of the adminstration. However, I question whether most American's really believe that a millitary officer would ever reveal that a millitary engagement was not going well. In any case, the response from the right is overblown and not all that unusual. The real message is: don't question our millitary officers, do not question whether the information they provide is accurate, once we are at war do not question why we are at war, do not ask when the war is going to be over, do not ask how much it costs, how many are dying, or whether those we are helping might be able to help themselves. If we followed the prevailing logic to its ultimate conclusions it would mean that asking any question at all about the war would be unpatriotic and unamerican - which, of course, is nonsense. Hopefully average americans will see through the hype and ingore all the hooplah. Yes, Moveon raised some eyebrows with its blatantly suggestive ad, but as far as I can tell, we are still in Iraq and Patraeus is still doing his job. Moveon's ad should not be used as an excuse to divert attention from the real issue at hand - and that is what General Patraeus had to say.

The Crux


I agree with your assessment. I suspect that some Bush- and war-supporters do believe that Petraeus would have admitted that the war isn't going well if that were the truth, because President Bush spent weeks telling people that Petraeus would do just that.

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