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August 22, 2007


Friday's Child

I'm sorry but we use Pesos not dollars, however, I think wasting is just similar as yours. Great list.
Thanks for the visit.

Comedy Plus

And the list goes on and on. Very well done. Very well indeed. Have a great TT. :)


I seem to remember reading about #3 on your list. Wasteful indeed.

The Gal Herself

I love knowing this stuff, so thank you. But God, I hate how often it happens!


This info makes me sick...they might as well wipe their a** with it!!


I agree the list is probably endless! Happy TT and thanks for stopping by!


And lets not forget our wasted billions in Iraq.

Thomma Lyn

It's absolutely appalling, isn't it, the money that is wasted and all the smoke and mirrors and b.s.! A very enlightening list, as always.

Happy TT, and thanks for visiting mine. :)


Okay, I'm anxious to see your list each week because they are so thorough. Interesting!

Susan Helene Gottfried

This is scary stuff, you know. And I wish wish wish we could do more to stop it, especially because I was talking to my daughter's kindergarten teacher tonight and found a GOOD use for my tax dollars -- the district is underwriting the cost of the teacher's advanced education which is then being used to help educate my kids.

Why isn't there more of that? Why so many abuses?




I only wish the list was exhaustive.


After the billions spent on Katrina, New Orleans is still not ready for inhabitants in many areas either. :( Not fun.


#13 really really pisses me off. If you get a chance, watch When The Levees Broke.


Depressing. Ugh.

Never ends, does it?

Dare I wish you a Happy Thursday? ;)


Quite a depressing list this. And the most depressing thought is that it is the exact same in my country - probably in most countries. It's only on a bigger scale in america. Just like everything else.


As bad as the list is, the fact you were able to compile it, is at least a comfort.

We can't fight it if we don't know about it.

I only wish #13 had a solution at hand...

Thanks for another informative Thurday.



$600 MILLION for an embassy building?!? Even with all the necessary security features that's obscene!


We have a TV program that shows these kind of things to make us more aware. It's amazing how much money (Euro's in my case) are wasted...
Thanks for visiting my Maia pictures TT.

Susan B.

I hope you give us another history lesson next week, because the present is damned depressing.


Disgusting indeed! Have a happy tax free TT!


I wonder what would happen if we ALL simply refuse to pay our taxes....

Thanks for visiting my 13!


That is a lot of wasted money.

Thanks for visiting my TT..


It is obscene that our elected officials who are supposed to represent us, allow this to happen.

This must have taken some time to put together. THANKS!



Thanks for visiting my post on the National Powwow. My students are learning about Native American regions right now and it seemed appropriate for times.

Enjoyed your list of waste. I see lots of waste in education as well, even though many think throwing money at the problem fixes things.

I'm for the flat tax, but I'm not really sure if it will solve the waste...


Just makes me *sick*. Thinking about Katrina, the MN bridge collapse, etc. Sigh. Happy TT.

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