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« It's The Hypocrisy, Stupid (Part 3). GOP Forms Hollow Square, Drums Craig Out of His Committee Posts (updated). | Main | Damozel's Quote of the Week, or Maybe the Year to Date. Jon Swift: Conservatives Less Gay Than Alleged? »

August 30, 2007



Yeah. I started off giggling when it came out because I just thought it was funny as could be, but in the end I pity Craig and am slightly ashamed of myself for not doing so in the beginning.

And I am definitely struck by the hypocrisy of almost everyone involved in the sturm und drang, from the gay activists who use such scandals to destroy the previously closeted, to the Democrats screaming for blood over a picayune "sin" that would go unremarked in one of their own, to the GOP clamoring for a piece of flesh in the feeding frenzy, one to wave around without showing a single sign of loyalty to a fallen comrade.

In a sane world we'd all get a laugh out of it, and Craig would be re-elected, with a more human side showing. As Barney Frank was.

The Crux

You're not alone: I too enjoyed pointing out the hypocrisy.

This time, though, the Dems aren't actually being hypocritical, because they didn't go around gay-bashing or family-values-posing in the first place. How could they do the latter, after President Clinton?

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