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August 31, 2007


J. Lynne

I wondered the same thing when I was listening to the snippets that NPR played yesterday. Sen. Craig jumps right to claiming the officer is using entrapment. What I thought was odd was that in none of the snippets that they played did they ever play what the actual charge was, etc.

Though I did read/hear somewhere that the document Craig signed does say something to the affect that Craig is accepting he is guilty and not accepting the plea for a fine to avoid the courts. The idea being that he supposedly can't come back later and insist he's innocent.

I don't know. I feel kind of bad for the guy. One commentator I heard last night pointed out that when someone ten years ago was outed, he committed suicide and that we should keep that in mind while we are all discussing this and making big jokes. The truth is all of this is affecting a man and his life and his wife and his family. He may be a hypocrite and he may deserve ridicule but the commentator is right that we won't be laughing if this turns out really badly.


Thanks for the nod: as I blogged, I think there are very real grounds here to ask some harsh questions about the conduct of the officer in this case.

I don't have any love for Craig, and I don't yet know whether to feel sympathetic to him, but a police officer who basically threatens to out someone in order to secure another notch in his belt is not something I can stomach either.

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