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August 08, 2007



Great List. Its a good thing you didn't touch on the Bush era, the list would go on for pages.


Very educational list. There are a couple on there I wasn't familiar with. I like it when I learn something new :)

Thomma Lyn

Wow, what an awesome list! Very educational, and I love to learn new things -- and history, in particular, fascinates me.

Dorydoo, my little black kitty, sends you lots of big, rumbly purrs (for a little girl, she's got a BIG purr!).

Happy T13, and thanks for visiting mine! :)


Fascinating list. I suspect I'll be coming back to it a few times to reread some of those.


Can't say that they are getting better, and in all countries it's the same !


I don't know much of this list but thank you so much for that wonderful comment you left on my blog. I really appreciate it.

God bless!


Great lists and ery educational.
Happy TT.


Very interesting list. I guess politics and scandals go hand-in-hand. Thanks for the lesson. :)


Well I hadn't heard of most of those, but don't you just love the names that some of them get; The Whiskey Ring Scandal and The Petticoat Ring are my favourites.

Happy T13

Susan Helene Gottfried

I think the older ones are the best; they aren't talked about as much and I've never heard of a few -- so much for understanding history so you don't repeat it, huh?

Christine d'Abo

You really have some juicy scandles in the US. I wonder if we have any as good in Canada...


Great list! Very informative...those older scandals I had either never heard of, or had only vaguely heard something about them.

I think my head has been too occupied since it's been doing so much spinning from so many recent scandals. ;)

Susan B.

It's early (for me) but this will probably be the most interesting list I read all day. Thanks!


Hi, thanks for stopping by and leaving the nice comment! This is a great post! I love history. I will have to refer back to this when I have more to take it all in. We have a tendency to romanticize the past. They were just people screwing up back then like we are today...nothin new under the sun. :)

blessings to you,


I definitely want to read more on Burr, Great list!


Happy T13, and thanks for coming to visit mine!


What a great list. LOVE your site! I'll be back!

Happy TT!


Very informative TT, especially for one visiting from another country (like me)! Thank you!


Very interesting and educational list!! History lessons should be this fun :)


This has been a great history lesson! Loved it .. :) Happy TT!

Heather Rae Scott

A lot of this happened when I was too young to really care. I remember basics, but considering I was three when Nixon was in office....

LOVE the Checkers Speech.

This past week, my 9th grade civics teacher passed away, and it's funny that you showed up to my blog because I've been thinking about him and his class a lot and this is how he taught his classes. With slight humor and he always broke things down into lamens terms so that we understood politics better.

Great list and thanks so much for dropping by my blog today.


Either I am a complete dork and knew most of those from extracurricular reading, or my schooling was very thorough. LOL

Great list!


Wow... I learned a thing or two there. I really need to read more history.

Amy Ruttan

Wow that's some great and interesting historical tidbits. Great TT, I love some of the older ones, it's always interesting to find out about a country's founding fathers.

Happy TT!


Wow. That was a really fun list! XD I loved reading all the old scandals because everyone acts like anything that happens now with presidents is such a big deal. Actually - they aren't. We are just more aware of them now. XD

Thanks for visiting my TT as well! (=

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