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August 27, 2007



Here's the real reason for this lynching. Nothing short of harassment and intimidation to force Republicans to leave office. Gonzales was supposed to be ousted for "ousting non-Bush supporters", but he and many others are being harassed into leaving for being "Bush supporters". ONCE AGAIN double standards. Gonzales accomplished much, that's why they wanted him out. Below is PROOF of spiteful, deceitful, and harassment on the job techniques used for dirty politics:
"Dear Friend,

We Did It: Keep the Pressure on Bush-backing Republicans

Today, we saw what can happen when we stand together to hold Republicans accountable.

Attorney General Alberto Gonzales resigned today because of the relentless pressure that our people-powered Democratic Majority brought to bear. We could not have done it without you. But there is no time to rest - we need to ratchet up the same kind of pressure on those Republicans who continue to obstruct our efforts to change the direction on the war in Iraq.

News is out that a group of well-funded Republicans, led by Bush's former press secretary Ari Fleischer and a group of former Bush Administration officials, is planning a massive $15 million blitz on television, radio and the Internet to shore up support for Bush's failed policy in Iraq.

We need your help to push back on this well funded pro-war campaign. Now it is more critical than ever that you help the DCCC keep the pressure on Republicans to change direction in Iraq. Last week, we told you about the DCCC's ads challenging more than a dozen Republicans for voting in lockstep with the President.

We can't let a blizzard of ads give Republican Members the political cover they want to continue rubber stamping Bush's disastrous Iraq policy and deny that we need a new direction.

Send a donation now to help keep the pressure on Bush-backing Republicans who say one thing and do another.

If you trust what they say, the 12 GOP members of Congress the DCCC has targeted with our August advertising blitz have deep reservations about the course of America's involvement in Iraq.

Four times this year, they've had the chance to break free from their rubber stamp support for George Bush's disastrous Iraq policy and, each time, they've voted in lock-step with the President.

So, we're going to keep the pressure on them right through Labor Day and our showdown with rubber stamp Republicans when they return to Washington in September.

Send a donation now to help keep the pressure on Bush-backing Republicans who say one thing and do another.

Even as you read this, the Republican Party is using the Karl Rove playbook to go after some of our Democratic candidates with lies and distortions. We're going after them twice as hard with the truth. And now, we have to confront an all-out GOP campaign to hang a "cut and run" label on anyone who dares to speak truth about Iraq.

With your immediate help, we'll build pressure on Republicans who say one thing to their constiutents but vote another way in Washington. August has already seen a rash of Republicans retirements including Denny Hastert and other former leaders of the disastrous Republican Congress. They are feeling the heat and we must keep the pressure on.

Send a donation now to keep the pressure on Bush-backing Republicans who say one thing and do another.

On Iraq and other critical issues, too many Republicans have blindly stood with the President against the wishes of their constituents and against their own better judgment.

The Republicans must join us to bring the war to an end. With your immediate help, we'll keep our ads running right through Labor Day. And we'll make more Republicans get that it's time to stop standing in lock-step with a failed President and his failed policies.

Please respond as quickly and generously as you can.


Chris Van Hollen DCCC Chair"


"Lynching" is, of course, hyperbole. Gonzalez needed to go for incompetence and for making the justice department Bush's instrument, which kind of contradicts the notion that it's the "justice" department. The Congress has a constitutional duty to oversee the executive branch to ensure that it does not exceed its powers (which Bush has done many, many times and wish the Republican Congress ignored). Call it anything you want: I call it "checks and balances" and I'm glad they're back in place. The unchecked Bush Administration (prior to the last election) was getting pretty damn scary. And the corruption of the DOJ was a major factor.


No one has been able to answer my question yet. Why did Bill Clinton fire 90 + attorneys during his administration? Why isn't there an investigation on that? Oh yea, double standards. Oh, a republican senator resigns with a little pressure from his party, and it was the right thing to do with that kind of activity. Years ago a lot worse hankie pankie went on in the white house with a well known President and young girl. The right thing wasn't done, oh yea, double standards. I'm not surprised that our liberal press focussed on the "senator" and politics rather than on the criminal acts being done in that restroom the sexual and health threat in a public place that could be harmful to anyone including young children, not to mention what you might "catch" in a bathroom like that. But they didn't mention that did they? Oh yea, double standards. Gonzales fought to uphold the band on terrible partial birth abortion....that alone deserves applaud! In this case thank God for double standards- good and wrong, and good won.

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