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July 29, 2007


Johnny Devaroe

The reason people continue to compare Bush to Hitler is obvious. They're both reactionary fascists who refuse to take any criticism or to acknowledge any opinion other than their own "limited" points of view. e.g., the generals who disagreed with Bush are dismissed no matter what their military credentials. I can see Bush leading our country to destruction as long as he preserves his agenda. Good thing he is such a poor public speaker.

The Crux

An interesting point, for sure.

Perri Nelson

I haven't heard some of the names you list that came from the right, but I can believe that you heard them. I do know that Rush frequently referred to Sen. Daschel as "Puff".

I also think that you're right with regard to the implied connection that the administration made between Iraq and 9/11, although I think that quite a few people overemphasize that implication.

Sadam Hussein made a habit of supporting terrorists, and had been actively talking with Al Qaeda, but there were plenty of indications that he was just stringing them along too.

If you need still more examples of bad taste from the right, check out the Anti-Idiotarian Rottweiler. Now there's a site that's way over the top.

Thanks for commenting on my post. I think that we can have plenty of opportunity for reasoned debate, and I look forward to it in the future.


While Saddam may have had his own version of jihad, it's awfully hard to believe in any credible connection between him and Al Quaeda. He may well have attempted to contact them; I don't believe for a moment they'd have worked with him. The "sectarian violence" in Iraq results, as one might conclude, from hostilities between different Muslim sects. Saddam and Al Quaeda were never on the same side.

If the Administration didn't understand the tensions between various sects, that actually speaks LESS well for them than if they actually intentionally misrepresented the state of their relationships.

I can't agree that "the left" is any less civil or more hostile than "the right." Ann Coulter, Fox News, Rush Limbaugh, Michelle Malkin and their ilk were the FIRST to set the current trend toward incivility; the left was and is behind the curve in this respect. You can easily verify this by checking dates and times. But the notion that answering rudeness with rudeness doesn't reflect any better on the left than the initial rudeness does on the right.

I wish they would ALL stop, frankly.

The Crux

I'm with you, Maggie. It's gotta stop.

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