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July 11, 2007



You compiled a very thought-provoking list. I love politics, though I refrain from commenting on other country's politics for the main reason that I do not live in that certain country and experience life there. Critiquing is easy I guess, but I prefer to be informed, not to debate.

I read each of the articles you listed and was bookmarking them madly, before I came to my senses and bookmarked this entry instead. I am not known for thorough thinking, perhaps. =P

I grinned everytime John Swift begin with "I have not actually read this book..."

Besides, satire of any kind rocks my smelly socks.

Dirk Bauman

Now this is an interesting blog!

Joy Renee

i love satire and political satire is the best. i read the one with all the Amazon reviews but i'm going to have to save the rest for when i don't have to smother my snickers for fear of waking those with day jobs. silent laughter induces headaches and i have no time for a headache this week.

my TT is 13 titles of stories in my Fruit of the Spirit storyworld. but if you like political satire you might prefer my only posted attempt in February 2005 called Fear Factor in Falujah.


Thanks for visiting my TT.

I read #2 awhile back and enjoyed it a great deal.


Ok, now I have to out myself as somebody who finds politics one of the most boring topics ever invented - sorry for that, but I can't change it. But this Jon Swift actually seems to be worth reading. I just read the article about Paris Hilton (to which I can only reply: I'm Bill Pardy) and it is just hilarious. Funnily, some of the comments over there from people who didn't seem to get the joke, are even better. LOL
Now I'm off to read "Everyone hates the christians", because that sounds right up my alley, too.

Thanks for stopping by my blog, by the way. Greatly appreciated. ;o)


Great List. I have to add your blog to my favorite list.


Great list of reads!


Happy TT and thank you for stopping by. I try to avoid US politics being a Canadian, but I will check some of these out as their headlines are interesting. Cheers!


Wonderful TT13!

Matthew Didier

I'm also a Canadian... but find it impossible to avoid U.S. politics... and this list is fantastic!


Awesome! Nothing but net, my friend.

I read as many of these as I could get away with reading while at work, and though I'm loathe to reading on the internet without getting paid for it, I'll have to read the rest later at home.

Great work.

I even bookmarked your site. Is that cool or what?


I dropped by because Sean Aqui threw a rock through my window with this web address on it. I've subscribed to your feed.Keep up the good work.

Nice site design BTW.


Not sure I really get his style of writing. I'm a little slow sometimes, lol. But his writing is good. His comments are pretty horrific, though! Whew, why do they read his site if they are so against his stance? I don't read liberal sites, except TT's or WW's!


Interesting reads! I'm not extremely informed about your country's politics except foreign, but I enjoyed this.
Thanks for visiting my essentials TT!


Great list, most of those are new to me.

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