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July 30, 2007




I've taken the liberty as one of the Administrators of unpublishing a couple of comments that people left here. regarding transactions between a contractor and the DoD. Evidently, this piece got quite a few people stirred up. Here's why:

We love comments. If you want to express any opinion about this or any other piece, please feel free to do so, but please frame it as an OPINION.

If you want to share your relevant personal experiences, do not name names, whether of a person, government official, or agency unless you're quoting a news story or other verifiable report to which you provide a link.

After all, anyone can say anything under the shield of anonymity. Someone with a grudge such as a fired employee or the embittered spouse of the CEO or a PR person might post information for their own purposes. Sadly, such cases occur. With anonymous comments, we don't have any way of checking.

We don't like scrubbing comments---it feels wrong and like censorship to do this.

If you have information that you feel would alter the apparent ramifications what we've said here, we will be happy to publish an emailed letter, provided you give us a name and a way of verifying that you're who you say you are. If you have information you'd like to share privately, FEEL FREE TO EMAIL.



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