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May 19, 2007


danial curtis

This is a call for re-affirmation oath of your office. This is a call for re-affirmation oath of your office.

Security agreement notice of felonies, malpractice insurance and rights.
You solemnly swear (affirm) that I will support the Constitution of the United States, and the Bill of Rights, of the USA. I will faithfully discharge the Duties of My public service office according to country and god so help me God (under pains and penalties of perjury, forgery & theft by deception) Challenging your jurisdiction, rule of law family law is interest that take from our kids. for the victim not a self serving political laws state pay attorneys for victim not for political special interest that take from our kids.

We should support peace officer not political law officer not political attorneys that do not support the united states constitution, an victimless law is unconstitutional that is a forgery on the USA people is an theft by deception, on the tax payer and the victim, jails and prisons cost $100 to $1,100 a day and all the health care, and education when the victim gets no help but to state gets taxes aid why would you pay for the Political, Roman, Jewish, Christian belief of the old world that killed the son of God for their gold and deception of the past our founder father knew of this I reserve all family, friends and My Constitutional Rights that you interest that take from our kids. You have wrongfully stopped us doing our life, duties AND FAMIMILY.

I Bill at $250.00 per hour plus all cost and expense with an daily fine of $10,000 for violating our rights until proven, compliant or an victim it is an act of treason to proceed fine don’t attorneys law officer, taxerpayer the poor or help the Victim at all just political Roman special tax dealing deceiving counterfeiter writing that schemes to defraud harms another person of money or property for there old world ways that is a violation of God and this county and has proven to bankrupt this country and deceives gods, country and my family, can you help me now ?
A(American) E(European) : I.O.U. YOU FORGOT “Y” (Y is for Yahweh & Yeshua)
Danial Ray Curtis 9/11 when all the world markets fell but one still stand tall Judas Iscariot forsake us all, the judiciary is for the people and supports the Vitim to keep family pride and country under rules of God to do No Harm to help them Grow, now is the time to grow up and stand up and repent to God & Country taxpayer & educator that want help not to be a slave to an idea or an old world way of deception of an bifeves in one self not a ruler or an judge but of this country and GOD to have paradise on earth and heaven. Danial, not denial nor Daniel of the the wicked of the past shall open the book life, and give new knowledge and pride of the new world order of self worth and victims rights and put an end unholy polices of the political roman that deceives the hardworking god fearing, human people of the country and of the world to help each other too grow to pay the victim first not auditory of the fine the fee self-serving of Judas Iscariot betrayal of Gods peoples, and oath of this country, and family laws and victims right, pubic service oath and god’s trust and Danial’s contract for peaces and civil rights for self worth and family trust in the father so help me god let me stand up an win for all are good but we are dumb and not see (Nazis) Judas Iscariot truly has forsake all of us, it a terrible to live in terror and fear when we try to be good! Who’s law are you following, God’s Law or Judas’s Law?

Pass this contract to the people you work for. The people should get paid for their time to pay you for your time and good business. HELP US ALL!
G: God
O: Obama
D: Danial
[email protected]
Danial Curtis 32814
924 5th st s Fargo ND 58102 PH 701-2980623

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