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May 14, 2007



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Mary Sakel

D. Cupples, I must admit your resume is far superior to the anorexic resume of His Hopeness! I just wrote a comment to Damozel as I didn't know how to locate the blog. I found some very interesting and useful information on this Bucknaked Politics site while I was searching for SNL's Tina Fey's Hill-arious skit on Clinton and the Obamarama phenomenon. Why is it that American media manages to hurl such misogynist abuse to Hillary--with impunity? I feel they were getting away with it 'till Tina Fey's eye-opener! I hold a Journalism degree here in Canada and I know darn well that media owner controls the content, most of the time. But this anti-Hillary, personalized, genderized bias is too obvious not to acknowledge....

Keep up the good work, and regards from your Canadian visitors....


P.S. One reason they probably don't want to see CLinton elected is that she would enact legislation prohibiting gender bias, with remedies such as those in racial hate crimes...Hey, this would take the fun out of the most American blood sport of all time--Woman-bashing!!! Matthews, McCafferty, Shuster et al would go on unemployment insurance....


I just found your site, pretty neat. The post above is a little dated at this point, I suggest dumping it. In any case, I'll be popping in here & there and look forward to everybody's commentary.


...from your article: Senate to Consider $25 Billion Auto-Industry Bailout: But Why?
"The purpose: to help those companies build more- fuel-efficient cars: something they could have done over the last 30 years but either failed or refused to do."

Fuel efficient cars - most are saying the future is plug in electric cars, which would be fine (I like electric golf carts low noise, no exhaust).

In any case, my observation is this. Say the Big 3 had been delivering electric cars for past 3 years. LA has brownouts every summer and NY has blackouts and we're assuming suburban power grids can handle the extra load? USA does NOT posses a power grid in which to "FUEL" these cars today. Not in mass scale. I suggest as a string on these loans that each Big 3 be required to diversify into solar energy merging with an existing solar provider (auto has the labor and distribution network already in place) and we add solar equipment to every available household near any Big 3 dealership now -- so when the electric cars "do" come out, we'll be able to actually power them. Why is no one seeing this? All of that auto industrial capacity sitting there idle...and we could diversify this industry to create energy NOW while getting the autos out when plugging in "your" car doesn't blow out your neighbor's power next door. Distribution and grid capacity people. Diversification. There is a win/win here -- Everyone's so "vertical" industry minded and the globe is spherical -- interconnected. We're competing with the globe and we could use this "crisis" as a bridge to start merging this gap in energy as well as auto.

AND while American commodities are low, it would be an ideal time to get contracts for raw materials going on this. win/win/win

David Lee

Duderock will take on the role of Forum Co Administrator with immediate effect. This will be a great help to me over the next few months while we are in the midst of our move to Tenerife. I hope you all wish him well Thanks ..

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