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January 26, 2009


Ron Russell

Yes, the walls at Gitmo will come crashing down and the bad guys will find a new home in the good ole USA---probably under worse living conditions than they have now. Personally I think we should take them out of that tropical resort and put them in a real american prison with hardcore american killers--lets see how bad they really are. One thing for sure (no guessing) when the next big attack comes on the U.S., Mr. Obama will change quicker than a gay guy in a redneck bar.

Ron Russell

Americans could care less what the recidivism rate is---let one of these guys walk on to a N.Y.C. subway and blow himself up and see what we really think--all the ACLU types will run for cover and point fingers at Bush and you know it---give me a break. Actually, and I hate to said it, the hand writing in on the wall, another attack will happen. The war on terror is still on and not saying those words doesn't change a thing, or perhaps in a way it does. It insures that attack will come---and that american blood will be on the hands of those who favor such insane policies and no amount of spin and finger-pointing will fool americans (not with blood in the streets).


Hi Ron,

My point wasn't specifically about what the accurate statistics would look like -- or whether another terrorist attack is imminent. (Incidentally, I agree with you that some terrorists somewhere are likely interested in attacking).

My point is that some of our tax-dollar-paid officials seem to be misleading us taxpayers. That's it.

Gloria Zuniga

I think that keeping guantanamo open is a good idea it keeps enemies in a isolated area where they are forced to tell the whereabouts of our greater enemies so it will lead to their capture and death

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