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August 09, 2008



Why isn't anybody mentioning that John McCain messed around on his wife with Cindy and then divorced her and married Cindy. He also supposedly had affairs with other women. Why is it okay for him but not okay for Edwards. Edwards STAYED with HIS wife. He even told her about it and they "put it behind them" (according to her).


McCain's infidelities are not being discussed because columnists aren't writing about them. The average person in this country has the attention span of a flea. They need to be reminded of things. (Somehow, all of the lies and b.s. of the Republicans over 8 years now has managed to slip their minds, because the media chooses to talk about stupid things like this deal with Edwards, but mostly ignores anything Republicans do.

It's laughable to hear the public saying the media favors Obama. It's McCain who gets one free pass after another.

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