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August 16, 2008



I'm sorry, but it's not really a bigfoot. It's actually a space alien from planet Xetwon.

smiglath predavore -X#$+

"I'm sorry, but it's not really a bigfoot. It's actually a space alien from planet Xetwon."

Oh, it is NOT! I just happen to be here on business from Xetwon, and I can assure you that no such creature exists there (we are all small footed honest scrum), despite what a few hoaxters say.

smiglath predavore -X#$+

"(...the fact that nearly 50% of the 634 species of primates are in danger of going extinct should make a chill run down your spine)."

Alternatively, it could make you realize that claims of critters "going extinct" is hogwash.

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